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This site will be the collection of all things Bunbun if i ever figure out how all this works. consider this to be very much



21-05- 2018

Added a page for Lego Bunbun.

Bunbun is not your average bunny, yes he likes carrots and oodles of sex but than there is also the love for excessive force and his neurotic repetitive behavior. Bunbun is a comic book character who has a solution for every cliche.

When Bunbun was born his first appearance was on stickers, then he stared in a few animations and found his way into his own webcomic.  After a few years of smallpress comics he found a publisher that made his first real album (Bunbun Carrots Included) possible. An army of Bunbuns was sculpted and Bunbun keeps exploring more ways to make his own.



latest Bunbuns.

here a quick selection the plan is to give all incarnations of Bunbun their own page.

Expo and appearances

Where is the best place to see a Bunbun other than on a sticker.

Mini Bunbun screenprinting expo

may 2018

Right now all the new screenprints are up for you to see in the lovely bar Willem Slok.

for more info:

willemslok.com (link in Dutch)


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